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Stradview is a user-friendly medical 3D data visualisation package which can run under Windows or Linux, and implements many of the algorithms described in the research page. It can load most types of DICOM data or image sequences, and produce very high quality surface models and surface and volume-based visualisations which can also be turned into movies using scripts. It can also be used for cortical bone mapping from DICOM CT data. Stradview was originally developed from Stradwin, but without any of the live ultrasound acquisition features, which makes it much more appropriate for those who only need to visualise and analyse existing medical data.

screenshot_1_medium.png (other screenshots available here.)

The best way to get a feel for whether Stradview might be able to help you is to look at the various How-Tos, which explain what the software is typically used for.

The full online documentation (also available within the help for the software) is here:

The following details the updates for each software version:

The software can be downloaded using the following links: