Stradview How-Tos

These pages contain some advice on how best to go about performing several common tasks in Stradview. They are designed to give a brief overview of each process, as well as demonstrating what can be achieved using Stradview.

How-to: Create surfaces
Creating accurate surfaces from 3D data.
How-to: Make measurements
Make various measurements from data.
How-to: Import and export data
Import into and export data and surfaces from Stradview.
How-to: Cortical Thickness Mapping (CBM)
Measure bone surfaces using Cortical Thickness Mapping.
How-to: Process multiple data sets
Automate the processing of multiple data sets.
How-to: Create animated visualisations
Create sequences of images of the visualisation windows for videos.
How-to: Fit a surface model
Fit a shape model to thresholded data.