Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

Graham Treece

Professor of Information Engineering

Office Location: BN4-75


My interests are primarily in medical image analysis and visualisation, with a particular emphasis on developing engineering techniques for specific clinical problems tailored to the physical properties of the imaging system. I have been involved in developing Cortical Bone Mapping: the accurate assessment of bone and joints in Computed Tomography (CT) data, and RMAR: a technique to reduce artefacts due to metal in CT. I also work on morphological methods to reduce general image noise, in particular the Bitonic Filter. Previous work has included freehand 3D ultrasound data, ultrasound elastography (stiffness measurement), and Regularised Marching Tetrahedra for accurate surface extraction from sampled data. I support multiple software platforms for implementing all these technologies, most notably Stradview (and previously Stradwin) for medical image acquisition, visualisation and analysis. These are described further in the research page.

My research is within the Medical imaging group in the Information engineering division. Most of my research is cross-disciplinary within the Bioengineering research theme. Within this theme, I am topic leader for Biomedical Engineering, which derived from the Engineering for Clinical Practice initiative and focuses on improving clinical tools by the application of engineering research, techniques and innovation to the field of clinical medicine.

I am also a Fellow of Queens' College.