Abstract for lindop_tr555

Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/F-INFENG/TR555


Joel E. Lindop, Graham M. Treece, Andrew H. Gee and Richard W. Prager

May 2006

Deformation estimation is the foundation of emerging techniques that image the mechanical properties of soft tissues. We present theoretical analysis and experimental results for an investigation of phase-based ultrasonic deformation estimation. Numerous phase-based algorithm variants are tested quantitatively on simulated RF data from uniform scatterer fields, subject to a range of uniform strain deformations. Particular attention is paid to a new algorithm using Weighted Phase Separation, the performance of which is demonstrated in application to in vivo freehand strain imaging. The results support the theory that underlies the new algorithm, and more generally highlight the factors that should be considered in the design of high performance deformation estimators for practical applications.

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