Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

Dr Graham Treece, Department of Engineering


Module 3G4 - Medical Imaging and 3D Computer Graphics

Distance transformation

Download wxChamfer for Windows operating systems here.

This is a demo of the properties and implementation of various distance transformation algorithms. It implements signed distance transformation for the city-block and 3x3 chamfer metrics, as well as both 4-point and 8-point Euclidean distance transforms. The software can be run in three different modes - either showing the transformation result directly, or an animated or step-by-step walk through of the distance transformation process. Various image sizes can be selected, using point, circular, or rectangular functions thresholded at various values as the base image. It is also possible to load images in a variety of formats, or alternatively draw simple binary images using the mouse.

Controls are mostly self-explanatory. Pressing the spacebar in the image area will advance the demo.