Who to contact

This page has been created in an attempt to help people who wish to contact us, or obtain information about our laboratory , this department , or the University of Cambridge to either find out what they want to know, or to find the most appropriate person to ask. For many of the sections below, the appropriate email or postal contact addresses will be provided in the web pages that this page points at - please follow the appropriate links to find out this information.

Taught courses - undergraduate

Please see the page describing undergraduate teaching in the Department of Engineering for all details of undergraduate taught courses in this department. Prospective undergraduate students interested in the kind of work we do in this research group might also be interested in the courses offered by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory .

Taught courses - postgraduate

The Department of Engineering runs a number of postgraduate courses, including the Masters course in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology. Information about other postgraduate courses run by this department is also available.

Research degrees - postgraduate

If you wish to pursue research in the areas described in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory web pages, and wish to apply to do a PhD degree, you should first read the Department of Engineering guide to graduate studies, and the University of Cambridge graduate prospectus. It may then be appropriate to contact our divisional secretary for more details, although all applications will need to follow the procedures outlined in the web pages mentioned above.

The information outlined briefly here is also available in more detail


While the Machine Intelligence Laboratory has a significant number of funded projects, many supporting one or more research assistants or research associates, it is rare that we are in a position to respond favourably to emails, whether including a CV or otherwise, asking to work with us, unless it is to apply for a specific job that we are currently advertising. If you wish to do so, please check our page listing current jobs on offer in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory to see if we have anything suitable on offer.

Information relating to our research

In general, the adminstrators of this web site are unlikely to have time to respond to requests for further information about the work of this group. The best suggestions we can offer, if you are interested in any aspect of the work done here, is to look at our list of publications , or to look at the personal home pages of members of our group working in the area of interest (we have a list of our staff and students' pages available).

Technical problems with these pages and general feedback

Please do not send email to svr-www-admin@eng.cam.ac.uk unless it relates to a technical problem with the Machine Intelligence Laboratory web site, or feedback about the content of our web pages. The administrators of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory web site regrettably do not have the time to answer queries about anything else.