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Anton Ragni - Publications

Recent publications:

  • Conference papers
    • Z. Roupakia, A. Ragni, M.J.F. Gales, "Rapid nonlinear speaker adaptation for large-vocabulary speech recognition", INTERSPEECH, 2012; pdf
    • A. Ragni, M.J.F. Gales, "Inference algorithms for generative score-spaces", ICASSP, 2012; pdf
    • A. Ragni, M.J.F. Gales, "Structured discriminative models for noise robust continuous speech recognition", ICASSP, 2011; pdf
  • Workshop papers
    • A. Ragni, M.J.F. Gales, "Derivative kernels for noise robust ASR", ASRU, 2011; pdf; Best Student Paper Award [1],[2]
    • M.J.F. Gales, A. Ragni, H. AlDamarki, C. Gautier, "Support vector machines for noise robust ASR", ASRU, 2009; pdf
  • Journal articles
    • S.-X. Zhang, A. Ragni, M.J.F. Gales, "Structured log-linear models for noise robust speech recognition", Signal Processing Letters, 2011; pdf
  • Technical reports
    • R.C. van Dalen, A. Ragni, M.J.F. Gales, "Efficient decoding with continuous rational kernels using the expectation semiring", CUED/F-INFENG/TR.674, 2012; pdf
  • Patents
    • A. Ragni, K.K. Chin, "Speech recognition utilising a hybrid combination of probabilities output from a language model and an acoustic model", GB2463908, 2010; link
    • K.K. Chin, A. Ragni, "Speech recognition utilising determination of a back-off group of code words in using an acoustic model", GB2463909, 2010; link

Complete list:

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