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Graham Treece

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Dr Graham Treece

Evelyn Trust Lecturer in Engineering for Clinical Practice

My interests are in medical imaging and computer graphics, with a particular emphasis on applying engineering techniques to solve clinical problems. I work mainly in algorithmic and system design, for instance 3D acquisition and visualisation of ultrasound data, use of ultrasound data to visualise stiffness, measurement and visualisation of cortical thickness for assessment of fracture risk, visualisation of cosmetic effects of radiotherapy. These are described further in the research page.

My research is within the Medical imaging group in the Information engineering division. Most of my research is cross-disciplinary within the Bioengineering research theme. Within this theme, I am topic leader for Biomedical Engineering, which derived from the Engineering for Clinical Practice initiative and focuses on improving clinical tools by the application of engineering research, techniques and innovation to the field of clinical medicine.

I am also a Senior Visiting Fellow with the Department of Radiology and a Fellow of Queens' College.

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