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AGILE: Autonomous Global Integrated Language Exploitation

Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Opportunities

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Project Overview and Goals

AGILE is a large, multiple institution project funded by the DARPA Global Autonomous Language Exploitation (GALE) program with the aim of developing speech and language processing technologies to recognise, analyse, and translate speech and text into readable English.

Research areas include:

The research will extend and integrate the current state-of-the-art Speech-to-Text (STT) and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems developed within the Speech Research Group at Cambridge University. The speech recognition systems are based on the Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK). HTK is a portable toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models and is in use at hundreds of sites worldwide. The statistical machine translation work is based on the translation template model (TTM) system.


Project Personnel

Academic Staff:
Prof Phil Woodland [Principal Investigator]
Dr. Bill Byrne [Co-Investigator]
Dr. Mark Gales [Co-Investigator]
Dr. Adrià de Gispert [SMT]
Research Associates:
Dr. Frank Diehl [Arabic STT]
Dr. Andrew Liu [STT and SMT integration]
Dr. Marcus Tomalin [Meta-data, Language Modelling]
Dr. Junho Park [Neural Network Features/Language Modelling]
Research Students:
Graeme Blackwood [Statistical Machine Translation]
Jamie Brunning [Statistical Machine Translation]
Tao Li [OOV detection, pronunciation generation]
CK Raut [Context Aware Speech Processing]
Support Staff:
Anna Langley [Computer Officer]
Former Members:
David Mrva [Continuous Language Models]
Dr. Hichem Sahbi [Statistical Machine Translation]
Dr. Khe Chai Sim [Structured Covariance Modelling]
Dr. Rohit Sinha [STT]
Dr. Lan Wang [Discriminative Adaptive Training]
Dr. Kai Yu [Mandarin STT]

Project Partners

Here is a partial list of the AGILE project participants, in addition to the University of Cambridge :   top


Here is a list of the publications associated with, and funded by, the AGILE project.

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Speech-to-Text (STT) - Automatic Speech Recognition

Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)

STT/SMT Integration

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