Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

Dr Graham Treece, Department of Engineering

Freely available software

Much of the research described in these pages has been implemented in software, and the binary executables are freely available for anyone to use for their own research or enjoyment. If you do use any of them for your own research, please let me know, and cite the appropriate paper. Also, I would welcome any feedback on the usefulness or otherwise of these packages - please tell me what you think! The various programs and utilities are:


  • Stradview - 3D visualisation, surface creation and bone analysis for medical data
  • Stradwin - 3D ultrasound acquisition for clinical research
  • wxDicom - Image and DICOM viewer, Bitonic filtering and Refined Metal Artefact Reduction for CT
  • Bitonic filter - Linear filtering in an edge-preserving morphological framework (also implemented in wxDicom)
  • Structurally Varying Bitonic filter - More adaptive version of this filter (also implemented in wxDicom)
  • Locally Adaptive Bitonic X filter - Very high performance noise reduction in real images (also implemented in wxDicom)
  • IsoSurf - Iso-surface extraction from a block of data
  • VolMorph - Real time 3d volume morphing of polygonal models


  • SplineDemo - Demo of types and function of piecewise cubic splines
  • wxChamfer - Demo of discrete distance transformation algorithms
  • wxOCTdemo - Demo of time-domain and spectral Optical Coherence Tomography
  • EqnSurf - Visualisation of 3d equations