Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

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Past Members

Research Associates

Dr Nghia Nguyen 2014-2022
  • Senior Research Associate
Dr Tristan Whitmarsh 2012-2016
  • Research Associate


Bernardo Carmo
Dr Jonathan Carr
Dr Charlotte Cash
Dr Lujie Chen
Dr Robin Chung
Dr Chris Dance 1991-1996
  • Former PhD Student
  • Thesis title: Computing models from 3D ultrasound
  • Currently a Research Fellow at NAVER LABS Europe
Dr Henry Gomersall 2006-2010 Patrick Gosling
Dr Peter Hassenpflug
Dr James Housden 2004-2008 Dr Benny Hsu
Dr Umer Zeeshan Ijaz
Dr Joel Lindop 2005-2008
  • Former PhD Student
  • Thesis title: 2D and 3D Elasticity Imaging Using Freehand Ultrasound
  • Currently Partner (Head of Data Science & Analysis) in the Digital team with Amey Consulting
Dr James Ng 2003-2007
  • Former PhD Student
  • Currently Head of Equities at Cantab Capital Partners LLP
Dr Rudy Lapeer 1996-1999
  • Former PhD Student
  • Dissertation Title: The Biomechanics of f(o)etal head moulding
  • Currently Associate Professor, School of Computing Sciences, University of East Anglia
Dr Rose Pearson 2013-2017
  • Former PhD student
  • Thesis title: Automated Modelling of Cortical Bone from Clinical CT
  • Currently Remote Sensing Scientist at NIWA
Dr Robert Rohling 1995-1998 Dr Marty Scott
Dr Ho-Chul Shin
Dr Nathan Sjoquist 2017-2022
  • Former PhD Student
  • Thesis title: A Novel Approach for the Visualisation and Progression Tracking of Metastatic Bone Disease
  • Currently a Software Engineer at Microsoft
Mohammed Syed
Dr Mike Syn 1990-1996
  • Former PhD Student
  • Thesis title: Model-Based Three-Dimensional Freehand Ultrasound Imaging
  • Currently Head of Equities at SGX
Dr Nikos Tsaousis 2010-2014
  • Former PhD student
  • Thesis title: Cortical thickness estimation of the proximal femur from multi-view dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
Dr Tom Turmezei 2013-2016
  • Former Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Fellow
  • Thesis Title: 3D modelling of the hip from clinical imaging data