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Note that Stradwin is no longer being actively developed. If you are not using Stradwin for 3D ultrasound, you should use Stradview instead.

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Welcome to Stradwin, an experimental, cross-platform tool primarily for freehand 3D ultrasound acquisition, visualisation and elastography. Stradwin can also be used with 3D medical data of any sort: its segmentation and surface extraction facilities are particularly powerful. It can load most types of DICOM image files and has unique facilities to measure bone cortical thickness from CT data.

Online documentation:


  • 6.03: updated Telemed driver to Echowave v4.2.0 and OptiTrack Motive driver to v2.3.6
  • 6.02: includes a fix for the hanging 'initialising motor' message on startup, and also a work-around for problems some graphics drivers cause which results in a shifted image in each of the 2D windows
  • 6.01: includes fixes for some mouse problems when leaving windows and also the DICOM directory load
  • 6.0: Changes since v5.4

Current version download:

More information about the format of Stradwin data files is given here.


Stradwin was written by Graham Treece, Richard Prager and Andrew Gee who lead the Medical Imaging Group in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory at Cambridge University Engineering Department.