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University of Cambridge Home Professor Roberto Cipolla, Department of Engineering

Invited Talks


R. Cipolla.
Making Machines See.
Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge, UK, (March) 2014.


R. Cipolla.
Computer Vision: Making Machines That See.
Keynote address at 12th European Conference on Artificial Life, Taormina, Italy, (August) 2013.


R. Cipolla.
3D Computer Vision.
Keynote address at 12th Int. Conf. Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, Guangzhou, China, (December) 2012.


R. Cipolla.
Accurate and complete 3D shape from uncalibrated images.
Keynote address at 8th European conference on visual media production (CVMP), London, (November) 2011.


R. Cipolla.
Computer Vision: Localisation and Object Recognition.
Location Based Systems and Services, Cambridge Wireless Network Event, Cambridge, (September) 2010.
R. Cipolla.
Making digital copies of the 3D world.
IET innovation lecture, Cambridge, (October) 2010.


R. Cipolla.
Acquisition of 3D shape from uncalibrated video.
Keynote address at the 9th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Xian, China, (September) 2009.


R. Cipolla.
Acquisition of 3D Shape from Uncalibrated Video.
Singularity Day: Special Meeting on Singularities with Applications to Geometry and Computer Vision, Liverpool, UK, (October) 2008.
R. Cipolla.
Computer Vision and the Arts.
The Schools of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, (January) 2008.
R. Cipolla.
Making Machines That See.
The Thinking Machine - University of Cambridge Horizon Seminar, Cambridge, UK, (March) 2008.


R Cipolla.
Computer vision.
Cambridge ideas that could change the world - Cambridge Network meeting, Cambridge,UK, (April) 2007.
R. Cipolla.
Making Machines See.
CUEA Annual Conference - Enginering a Better World, Cambridge, UK, (September) 2007.


R Cipolla.
Computer vision:object detection, tracking and recognition.
Risk, Threat and Detection - University of Cambridge Horizon Conference, Cambridge, UK, (December) 2006.
R. Cipolla.
Applications of Mobile Vision: registration, recognition and 3D reconstruction.
Keynote address at the International workshop on mobile vision (ECCV2006), Graz, Austria, (May) 2006.
R. Cipolla.
Computer Vision: image registration, reconstruction and recognition.
Japan-UK Joint workshop on Sustainability and Engineering, British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, (April) 2006.
R. Cipolla.
Computer vision in automotive applications.
JETRO Cambridge Technology showcase for automotive industry, Cambridge, UK, (June) 2006.


R. Cipolla.
Computer Vision - 3D modelling and Image Matching.
The Schools of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, (May) 2005.
R. Cipolla.
Computer Vision in Human-Machine Interaction: False Starts and New Horizons.
The Rank Prize Funds Symposium on Machine Understanding of People and Their Responses, Grasmere, UK, (January) 2005.
R. Cipolla.
Learning low-level features for object recognition.
International Workshop on Early Vision: Computational and Biological, Bertinoro, Italy, (May) 2005.
R. Cipolla.
Real-time detection and tracking of faces, hands and the human body.
Advance Studies on Biometrics for Secure Authentication, Alghero, Italy, (June) 2005.


R. Cipolla.
Computer vision: image registration and recognition.
Innovation in monitoring and management of ageing infrastructure (CMI international workshop), Jesus College, Cambridge, UK, (September) 2004.
R. Cipolla.
Intelligent infrastructure: people and vehicle tracking.
Cambridge-MIT Institute Transport Special Interest Group, London, UK, (October) 2004.
R. Cipolla and B. Tordoff.
Image-based localisation.
10th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, Gifu, Japan, (November) 2004.


R. Cipolla.
Hand and face tracking.
ICT Unplugged - University of Cambridge Horizon Conference, Cambridge, UK, (December) 2003.
R. Cipolla.
Realtime tracking 3D articulated hand motion in clutter.
Biometrics: authentication and recognition, Alghero, Italy, (June) 2003.
R. Cipolla and B. Stenger.
Hand tracking using a quadric surface model and bayesian filtering.
Keynote address to 10th IMA Conference on The Mathematics of Surfaces, Leeds, UK, (September) 2003.


R. Cipolla.
Real-time visual tracking and 3D model acquisition.
New Frontiers of Intelligent Robotics, Advanced Science Institute, Academic Park, Tokyo, Japan (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Association of International Education), (July) 2001.


R. Cipolla.
3D model acquisition from uncalibrated images and real-time tracking.
3rd Dera Image Processing and Interpretation Conference, DERA Malvern, UK, (April) 2000.
R. Cipolla.
Artificial actions.
Fourth international workshop on human and machine perception, Palermo, Italy, (June) 2000.
R. Cipolla.
Computer vision for human-machine interaction.
Keynote address at First International workshop on HOIP, Softopia, Gifu, Japan, (November) 2000.
R. Cipolla and K. Wong.
Shape from profiles.
Joint Royal Society and British Academy Discussion meeting on Artefacts and Images of the Ancient World, The Royal Society, London, UK, (December) 2000.


R. Cipolla.
Machines that see.
Keynote address to open Singapore Robotic Games, Singapore, (May) 1999.


R. Cipolla.
3D model acquisition from uncalibrated images.
Keynote address at IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications, Chiba, Japan, (November) 1998.
R. Cipolla.
The reconstruction and visualisation of surfaces.
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, Padova, Italy, (July) 1998.


R. Cipolla.
Machines that see.
Neuroscience for Clinicians 7, Medical Research Council, Jesus College, Cambridge, UK, (September) 1997.
R. Cipolla.
Uncalibrated stereo reconstruction.
SIRA Technology Conference, London, UK, (October) 1997.
R. Cipolla.
Visual motion of curves and surfaces.
Royal Society Discussion Meeting on New Geometrical Techniques in Computer Vision, London, UK, (July) 1997.
R. Cipolla.
Visual reconstruction and registration of curves and surfaces.
Keynote address at Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis, Stockholm, Sweden, (March) 1997.


R. Cipolla.
Interactive grasping with uncalibrated stereo vision.
International workshop on Computer Vision in Human-Machine Interaction, Osaka, Japan, (December) 1996.
R. Cipolla.
Structure and motion of curved surfaces.
Korean Science and Engineering Foundation International Workshop on Computer Vision Technology, Seoul National University, Korea, (December) 1996.


R. Cipolla.
Uncalibrated hand-eye co-ordination and man-machine interfaces.
3rd International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems, Pisa, Italy, (July) 1995.


R. Cipolla.
Affine stereo and structure from motion for robot guidance.
Stockholm Workshop on Computational Vision, Stockholm, Sweden, (August) 1993.
R. Cipolla and N. J. Hollinghurst.
Visual robot guidance from uncalibrated stereo.
International workshop on Active Vision, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, (July) 1993.


A. Blake, R. Cipolla and A. Zisserman.
Visual guidance for robot motion.
IEE Colloquium on Active and Passive techniques in 3D Vision, London, (February) 1991.
R. Cipolla.
Active Visual Inference of Surface Shape.
Stockholm Workshop on Computational Vision, Stockholm, Sweden, (August) 1991.
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