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VolMorph Revision History

Version 2.4b - March 2002

  • Fixed bug in binary output files for Windows version.
  • Added output of spheres in OOGL or VRML format.
  • Version 2.4 - January 2001

  • Compiled and tested Linux version for XFree 4.0, using Direct Rendering.
  • Added `Cancel' button during creation of the morphed models.
  • Can now choose to output screen dumps in either PPM or BMP formats.
  • Version 2.3 - September 2000

  • Can now toggle the checkered base on or off, and change the colour of the background. Also moved some menu options to more sensible positions.
  • Changed operation of text boxes within the menus, such that new data is entered if the box is un-selected, not just on pressing .
  • Version 2.2 - June 2000

  • Can now generate equation triangulation in VRML version 1.0 as well as in OOGL.
  • Windows version now writes .BMP files as the screen dump rather than .PPM files, since that seemed more useful.
  • Version 2.1 - April 2000

  • Major re-write of the command / response structure to allow sensible compilation under Windows 95/98/NT. Arguments can now be set via a menu system, and diagnostic output and errors are displayed in the window.
  • Correspondence between surfaces can now be defined manually in 3D, in addition to being refined automatically.
  • Various other source only updates to allow compilation under Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Version 2.0 - February 2000

  • First public release. Started at version 2.0 to bring it in line with the equation display software, EqnSurf.
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