Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Cambridge University Department of Engineering

Research Themes

The principal areas of interest are as follows:

  • Neural networks, pattern recognition and machine learning, including multi-layer perceptrons, radial basis functions, and recurrent networks.
  • Signal processing, non-stationary time-series analysis, speech coding and compression.
  • Speech recognition using both neural networks and hidden Markov Models. This includes large vocabulary recognition, recognition in noise, speaker adaptation and word spotting.
  • Language processing including N-grams, stochastic context-free grammars, grammatical inference, dictionary construction.
  • Statistical machine translation
  • Image processing and object recognition, including 3-D reconstruction from 2-D images, image segmentation, and face recognition.
  • Visual navigation of mobile robots and task level and sensor-based robot control within an unstructured environment.
  • Aspects of robot assembly including path planning, hand-eye coordination and quality inspection using computer vision, man-machine interfaces using visual gestures.
  • Aspects of medical imaging, including the acquisition, visualisation, registration and segmentation of 3D ultrasound images for medical diagnosis.
  • Risk analysis in various aspects of health care.

Please see details of current research projects for each group: