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ALTA Spoken Language Processing Technology (SLPT) Project

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The Cambridge Institute for Automated Language Teaching and Assessment (ALTA) is a virtual institute that brings together researchers from Cambridge University Press & Assessment and the departments of Computer Science and Technology and Engineering. Using techniques from Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, ALTA's primary objective is to develop technology to enhance the experience of language learning and to develop cutting-edge approaches to automated assessment that will benefit learners and teachers worldwide. It forms part of Cambridge University's Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Center.

Sponsorship from Cambridge Assessment English supports a team of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who investigate a range of topics, including:

  • language assessment;
  • teaching feedback;
  • adaptive learning;
  • content creation and calibration.

The institute comprises researchers at the Department of Computer Science and Technology (CST) and the Department of Engineering (CUED), organised into a consortium of projects. The CUED project is:

  • Spoken Language Processing Technology (SLPT)

The ALTA research in the CUED Speech Group is focused on spoken language assessment and learning. The group works on all aspects of this area from core speech recognition and machine learning, to spoken language assessment, to feedback and the nature of the test.

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Please email Kate Knill kmk1001 @ cam.ac.uk if you have any questions.


Personnel Associated with ALTA Spoken Language Processing Technology Project

  • Dr Kate Knill [Project Lead/Principal Investigator]
  • Dr Stefano Bannò [Research Associate]
  • Prof Mark Gales [Technical Advisor, previous PI]
  • Dr Simon McKnight [Research Associate]
  • Dr Mengjie Qian [Research Associate]
  • Siyuan Tang [Research Assistant]
  • Dr Hari Vydana [Research Associate]
  • Yassir Fathullah [Research Student] (Gates Scholar)
  • Adian Liusie [Research Student]
  • Rao Ma [Research Student]
  • Charlie McGhee [Research Student] (DTP funded)
  • Potsawee Manakul [Research student] (Cambridge University funded)
  • Vatsal Raina [Research Student] (DTP funded)
  • Vyas Raina [Research Student]


Former members:

  • Bertie Bull [UROP student/UGrad student]
  • Karl Bates [UGrad student]
  • Bhanu Balusu [UROP/UGrad Student]
  • Filip Cermak [UROP (50%)/UGrad Student]
  • Dr Jeff Chen [Research Associate]
  • Arda Civelekoglu [UGrad Student]
  • Dr Rogier van Dalen [Research Associate]
  • Qingyun Dou [Part-Time Researcher]
  • Santiago Dubov [UGrad student]
  • Shixiang Gu [Research Student (part funded)]
  • Prof D. Littman [Visitor]
  • Sanchit Gandhi [UROP student/UGrad student]
  • Ilora Ishaque [UGrad Student]
  • Kostas Kyriakopoulos [Research Student]
  • Shangyi Lin [UGrad student]
  • Zixin (Sharice) Liu [UROP/UGrad Student]
  • Hanxu (Vicky) Lu [UROP/UGrad student]
  • Yiting (Edie) Lu [Research Student] (part-funded)
  • Justine Hong [UGrad Student]
  • Bruno Mlodozeniec [UROP student]
  • Zhi Chen Neo [UROP student]
  • Preben Ness [UROP student]
  • Junjie Pan [MPhil student]
  • Sebastian Popescu [MPhil student]
  • Puria Radmard [UROP/UGrad Student]
  • Mohammad Rashid [MPhil student]
  • Ollie Rose [UGrad student]
  • Sense Sunyabhisithkul [UGrad Student]
  • Marco del Vecchio [MPhil student]
  • Dr Linlin Wang [Research Associate]
  • Luran Wang [UROP]
  • Yufan Wang [MPhil student]
  • Xizi Wei [Research Assistant]
  • Guoxuan Xia [UGrad student]
  • Yisheng (Darren) Xu [UGrad student]
  • Chentianyi Yang [UROP/UGrad Student]
  • Haifan Zhao [UGrad Student]




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Assessment Systems and Infrastructure

Automatic Speech Recognition

Speech Synthesis and Visualisation

Malpractice and Bias

Off-Topic Response Detection and Question Generation/Answering

Feedback (Pronunciation, Grammar)

Summary Generation and Assessment

Machine Learning


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